Biomass &

Bio-renewables from sustainable sources
to help in a greener future

Viridium’s vision is to establish large scale biomass growing schemes, utilising marginal soils, to generate alternative sustainable fuel and other biomass derived products and also generate carbon credits

Sustainable Biomass

Reduce wood consumption

Reduce wood and charcoal fuel consumption in our targeted African markets through developing large scale sustainable and carbon neutral non-food biomass crops and re-afforestation

Efficient &
clean stoves

In collaboration with partners, develop and market affordable, efficient and clean stoves

Competitively priced biomass

Make and distribute competitively priced biomass briquettes and pellets for the domestic and international markets

Green impact &
financial income

Develop forestry schemes to act as carbon sinks and leverage bio-fuels and forestry in developing tradable carbon credits

Biodegradable packaging

Using biomass, manufacture biodegradable packaging to replace single use plastics

Reduce fossil fuel consumption

Develop a bio-ethanol business to assist in reducing fossil fuel consumption in electricity generation

Product Range

Briquette & Pellet Fuel

Clean Stove Solutions

Biodegradable Packaging Products

Carbon Credits

Organic Bio-farming

Started as part of
The Premium Tobacco Group

Climate change is being addressed by a reduction in the use of fossil fuels and using more sustainable non-food plant-based alternatives. Biomass growing started as part of Premium Tobacco as the company needed a sustainable alternative to native wood fuel to cure tobacco, in order to help reduce African natural forest denudation.