Biomass Project


Current Operations
in Tanzania

Established elephant grass growing project in Chunya, Southern Tanzania. The company has built and commissioned a briquette and pellet manufacturing plant. Additional marginal land is being acquired in Iringa, Central Tanzania for both biomass growth and forestry.

Additional production facilities are being constructed.
Re-design work being undertaken with tobacco curing barns and kilns to substantially reduce fuel requirements and improve quality of cured tobacco leaf

Variety Trials

In technical cooperation with UK based Terravesta, trials of three different Miscanthus Giganteus varieties are being carried out to determine the optimal variety for large scale, high yielding cultivation in Tanzania.

Trialing covers 1 acre, 3 varieties – Artemis, Aphrodite & Brontes

  • Artemis & Aphrodite
    Good germination and transplanted Brontes
  • Brontes
    Very poor germination with no seedlings surviving for transplanting

Future Target
in Tanzania

  • Initially establish 1,000Ha of both Elephant Grass / Miscanthus, to yield approximately 15,000 tonnes of dried C4 grass.
  • Evaluate the production of biodegradable products and packaging materials.
  • Develop domestic and regional markets and initiate collaboration with international technology partners to develop products and new markets.