Biomass Project


Current Status & Production

  • An initial trial plot 22Ha of elephant grass has been grown
  • Terravesta Miscanthus trials being undertaken to derwrmine the most appropriate variety
  • Small briquette manufacturing plant has been established
  • Re-design work being undertaken with tobacco curing barns and kilns to substantially reduce fuel requirements and improve quality of cured tobacco leaf

Performance Of Different Varieties

  • Indigenous Elephant Grass established from cuttings performed better in the field compared to seed imported from Brazil (As per image)
  • Terravesta Miscanthus varieties to be harvested in Aug 2021 and assess which variety is suitable for future large-scale production
  • Due to concerns raised on handling and drying of Elephant Grass, the following has been concluded;
    • — All in agreement to pursue production of Miscanthus in line with the

agreement & procedures with Terravesta